Helga Jeske 159

passionate BT player since March 2018

Liudmila 17

Russian national team

Nikita Burmakin 1

St Petersburg, Russia

Nikita Ribakovs 112

Latvian Beach tennis player Founder of beachtennis.io

Bonny Davidson

Represented South Africa at world team champs in 2018

Dino Pavlou

South African Beach Tennis Player

Iain Smith Beach Tennis Manager

Tennis SA Beach Tennis Manager

Jayden Smith

Junior player. I love beach tennis

Jayson Jordaan

Professional “yours” caller.

Karisma Calitz

Beach Tennis Player since April 2019.


Kyla Yelverton

South African Beach Tennis Player.

Lionel Jarrard

South African beach tennis player

Lucinda Gibbs

Cape Town rookie

Lynn Kiro

unseasoned beach tennis player

Mike de Jongh

Serious rookie!

Pam Hayward

Durban Rookie

Ryan Brookshaw

“How easy it is to be compassionate when it's yourself you see in trouble.”

Tucker Vorster

Represented South Africa at the 2018 World Championship in Russia.

Tyra Shae Bolton

Keen to try beach tennis 👌


Annette Terry TSA

Avid beach tennis supporter


Deandre Dreyer

Beach Tennis addict since August 2018

Fiona Grandin

KZN beach tennis player :)

Frans Ledwaba

Represented SA at 2018 ITF World Team Championships


Ivan Syrov One

18.12.1982 St.Petersburg Russia

Kyler Hugo

Played my first beach tennis tournament this weekend and had so much fun

Luke Geduldt

Starting playing beach tennis and cant get away from it🔥🔥

Michele Cappelletti 4

Professional Beach Tennis Player. 3 times World Champion.

Valdir Baraldi

from Brazil / Started beach tennis in 2019