SA still no1 in Africa after WTC in Russia


KIA Team SA finished 15th overall at the recently completed World Team Championships in Russia, improving upon their 2018 position of 18th.

Michael de Jongh, Ryan Brookshaw, Jody Claassen, Helga Jeske, Kyla Yelverton and Lynn Kiro put up strong performances in Russia and despite a couple of narrow losses and finishing 15th overall, improving on the 18th position in 2018, shows that beach tennis is growing in South Africa and that in time South Africa can be a force to be reckoned with.
South Africa came close to defeating Chile which would have meant a 13th or 14th final position, but was not to be this time round.

South Africa’s defeat of Morocco in the play-off match ensured that Team South Africa finished as the no1 ranked African team for the second consecutive year at the Championships.

Team Captain, Michael de Jongh had the following to say after their tie against, Morocco “I am extremely proud of the way our team approached and played each match. Being competitive in every match, despite lack of experience, just shows the potential we have as South Africa’s to become a force in beach tennis over the next couple of years. Looking forward to seeing the team and the sport grow rapidly”.

The results were as follows:
Spain bt. South Africa 3 – 0
Women’s Doubles:
Sabrina Lopez / Eva Fernandez bt. Helga Jeske / Kyla Yelverton 64 63
Men’s Doubles:
Antomi Ramos / Gerard Rodriguez bt. Ryan Brookshaw / Michael de Jongh 63 60
Mixed Doubles:
Omaira Medina / Victor Martinez bt. Lynn Kiro / Jody Claassen 53 42

Poland bt. South Africa 3 – 0
Women’s Doubles:
Aleksandra Adamska / Sylwia Mikolajczuk bt. Helga Jeske / Kyla Yelverton 62 61
Men’s Doubles:
Pawel Krupski / Jakub Tokarz bt. Ryan Brookshaw / Michael de Jongh 64 62
Mixed Doubles:
Aleksandra Adamska / Jakub Tokarz bt. Lynn Kiro / Jody Claassen 40 42

Chile bt. South Africa 2 – 1
Women’s Doubles:
Helga Jeske / Kyla Yelverton bt. Cecilia Costa Melgar / Andrea Pacasi 61 64
Men’s Doubles:
Alexander Beller Huber / Marcello Guzman bt. Ryan Brookshaw / Michael de Jongh 76(3) 63
Mixed Doubles:
Cecilia Costa Melgar / Marcello Guzman bt. Kyla Yelverton / Ryan Brookshaw 62 36 11-9

South Africa bt. Morocco 2 – 1
Women’s Doubles:
Lynn Kiro / Kyla Yelverton bt. Lamiae Aziz / Inas Ziki 61 63
Men’s Doubles:
Anass Bouaouda / Youssef El Ghazouani bt. Ryan Brookshaw / Jody Claassen 64 76(4)
Mixed Doubles:
Helga Jeske / Ryan Brookshaw bt. Inas Ziki / Anas Bouaouda 61 63

Congratulations to Brazil for retaining their title after defeating Russia in the final. Russia defeated Italy (2018 runner ups) in the semi finals and improved their 2018 position by gaining 2nd position.

Top 4 Positions:
Winner: Brazil
Runner up: Russia
3rd: Italy
4th: Germany

Congratulations to all our foreign beach tennis friends and hope to see you all in SA soon along with Team KIA.

Special thank you to Turquoise and Topspin for their continued investment in Team SA and beach tennis in South Africa as the preferred equipment sponsor of the team.

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